Hi, my name is Sam Wells.

My passion is helping people find their true natural radiant and healthy self. I’m an international Strala yoga and meditation guide supporting people from around the world feel their best.


I help people through guiding and coaching them to find their own paths to feel great.


About Strala

Strala yoga is a form of natural body movement with roots in yoga, Tai chi and TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine). You move like water fuelled by your breath in a flow meditative state. You tap into your creativity and intuition. You feel elevated, energized and you find your own best body, best fitness and best health, you become truly happy and radiate light. You learn to drop the tensions and stresses of daily life and freely activate your relaxation response to feel your best version of yourself.


“We all have a part to play on this planet and to rise and shine to share our own message”


If I can feel this happy so can you.




What’s your message?
Do you need help to unlock your message?
Do you need help to share your message?