Animal Advocacy


"You don't just hear their cry you FEEL it...."  - Sam Wells


 I've always loved nature and all animals. Ever since I was a child watching David Attenborough sitting on my dads lap as a toddler! I never understood zoos and marine parks and always felt uncomfortable seeing other forms of life behind bars and in cages. It was just not natural to me...

   I have been fortunate to travel extensively in my life and have experienced many wonderful and life altering opportunities.

   Most notable of being swimming with a pod of wild pilot whales off the coast off the North Island of New Zealand. It was the most serene and beautiful experience I could have ever done. I was in the water with a group of 5 other people and 8 pilot whales. They were docile and just allowing us to swim softly around them 2 miles off shore. They were magnificent and larger than I thought dolphins would be. They were approximately 3-4 feet wide and about 11-13 feet long. I felt tiny and insignificant in their space. They just swam around us and we were encouraged to blow noises through our snorkels. When I did this the most amazing thing happened! They sang back! The sound was unlike any other I have experienced and until 2 years ago never thought I would hear again. It was so intoxicatingly mesmerising. It was a sound that touched my whole body from inside out. To say that I felt their sound is an understatement. It was a sound of emotion through my body. I was so consumed by this I was a little far off from the boat and they had to call me to come back which at first I didn't hear, so the dingy had to come and get me!

  This experience I told the world about whoever would listen to me, but no one ever seems to understand me. That is until I watched Blackfish....

 Click here to  watch on Netflix

Click here to watch on Netflix

I heard a similar sound then...then again when I watched The Cove....Both of which were academy award winning documentaries...

  These films then encouraged me to finally take a stand and become a #voiceforthevoiceless. When a dolphin cries you don't just hear their cry you feel it through your whole emotional and physical being. For the last 3 years now I continue to campaign for animals to be wild and free. I don't agree with captivity. We cannot learn from nature in captivity.

   The only way to learn is to watch it acting naturally in its natural environment and habitat. I support and advocate for various animal charities and believe that we need to come together to support the natural world. Too often in my opinion there is conflict and each animal charity believes they are more important than others and this then breeds division in the world.

  For the sake of all animals and nature in general as a human race we need to stop the exploitation of animals for our selfish human consumption before the sixth mass extinction exists.We must come together in love and support and better world for all its inhabitants. Too long now humans have exploited animals and nature.