Empathy or empath?

The emotional energy surrounding and around me was overwhelming with fear and excitement, joy and love...there was no way I should be here...I could feel the uncomfortable sensations first in my heart and chest....it began to ripple and travel through my body...tension ensued into my brow and jaw...my gut began to feel empty and my mind started racing...it manifested in me then in my words and behavior...I became snappy and uncontrollably mean...
This was me just this weekend at Milan airport...

Only when I took myself more into me and my body was I able to soften and evaluate the anxiety that had developed within me.

Its not about flying, I’m comfortable when I have my headset on meditating, listening to music or watching movies. I love the feeling of take off and watching the world as we zoom into the sky…it’s not about crowds so much I live and travel in London daily on public transport which is one of the busiest commuter metropolis in the world…

It’s definitely the many various energies of other living and breathing beings, having intense emotions in large quantities whether sentient or not I feel what they feel. It has manifested several times over the last few years and notably during great times of loss. The burning of Notre Dame got me into a frenzy not because of the building, but because the amount of people that felt something so strong……again just recently with all the wildfires on Gaia (Mother Earth)

I’ve often felt an affinity with nature and it becomes really apparent when there are natural disasters in the world. I get emotionally attached to the situation and become anxious, fearful, angry and resentful at the world around me. I first noticed it when trees were being cut down close to where I used to work and live...this intense energy would manifest in my belly and I would become upset and angry. Earth quakes, tsunamis, volcano eruptions and mass death of living beings are especially difficult for me. 

I’ve also been known to sense when something is different in someone’s life…maybe it’s a gift? Maybe it’s more woowoo! My dear departed mum told me I had “the gift” (she called it) before she died. It comes and goes like the wind but now I know I feel it in my body first…I’m staying connected to me more and will work with that.

It’s not the first time I’ve took on the energy of the environment around me..it truly is one of the most uncomfortable and overwhelming experiences to be this kind of vampire empath....it’s like all the negative energies I was literally sucking into my whole being....

It’s not something I intended to do and I don’t even realize I’m doing it until it’s too late...only then I’m in the depths of feeling anxiety, anger, fear and loss and I am overwhelmed with the emotions of the world and others and literally feel it in my body being and spirit...I am now on a journey to understand this empathic ability and how to use it for the good. Now I know my triggers and am going to work on how to protect myself without feeling so with loss.

Do you or anyone you know also have these empathic abilities where you literally absorb emotional energies from nature and the human environments around you? How do you manage it? How does it manifest in you? 


An Ode to Germany ❤️

An Ode to Germany....

What’s so special about Germany?

Why is it that the once most divided country on earth is now the most beautiful peaceful and serene?

Now fully Thriving and accepting all beings. Creative and dynamic. Boundless and accepting. Always welcoming and truly beautiful...to me this is just some of what I’ve seen and encountered while visiting.

Why out of all the countries in the world is there the most concentration of Strala yoga guides and studios ever found?

Why does it feel like home?

And why oh why whenever I fly there I never have ear trouble going to Germany when everywhere else in the world I end up hard of hearing and swallowing for days to pop my ears because it’s so uncomfortable?

We all know the horrific history that started from a minute minority of extreme fascists...

So very far removed and unlike the humans that exist, live and be there today....has their DNA evolved over this last century because of such atrocities?

Germany to me is so green it’s like a velvet emerald carpet and so similar to the Irish landscape. I’m in constant awe of how they look after it, how people have plots and orchards, how it’s kept and shared.

The food is just so comforting...I may have been spoiled by adoptive family and friends by whatever they offer me.

There does seem to be less consumption and plastic...their recycling techniques and drop off points are everywhere. Every home effectively recycles. The government introduced an initiative for all homes to be made solar powered. They are actively saying and doing their bit continuously for themselves and the environment. They have even just produced the first fully functioning zero emissions train running on water as fuel! They really are leading the way...

My carbon footprint I know could do with reigning in a little and it’s a process I’m working on. But by now, you know I do my bit right?

Anyway back to Germany and those beautiful beings there....

I’m blown away by how many Strala Guides and studios there are in one country, actively guiding softness and ease to many other beautiful Germans too! Is it because it’s the center of Europe? Is that gem town Idar-Oberstein doing some high vibrations raising more consciousness than anywhere else?

As yet I’m not fluent and I’m learning the language, but I know the best words...

Liebe - Love

Lecker - Delicious

Dankeschön - Thankyou

Einatmen...Ausatmen...- Breathe in..Breathe out...

I mean what else is there?

The bread is just divine

The fruit and vegetables are fresh and plastic free

The beer is lecker 😜

There’s always room for ice cream and that’s good too!

The people are just so welcoming, kind, loving generous, accepting and really good fun!

I’ve only been to Metzingen so far....excited to see Berlin for sure and then explore....

I feel like it’s now become a second home, if you feel called I can introduce you to some special people who will make you feel loved too...

Every time I leave...I know it’s not goodbye...it’s Caio for now. I’m always super inspired in love returning home. I have more love to feel and give.

To all my loves there. I hope to see and move and eat with you soon. My heart is always with you…


ich liebe dich....

Doing the digital detox?

My name is Sam and it’s been 11 days since my last post on Instagram! 

the journey is real and intense and I feel the happiest ever... 

sometimes im in the mode of why aren’t my friends checking in with me? And then I realise they’re still plugged in..so I make the effort to connect personally with them...some connect back and we thrive...others don’t and so I say to myself “ok that relationship isn’t real” so I move on and connect with others in the real world.  

sometimes it’s nature on long walks feeding the birds on hamstead Heath, sometimes it’s guiding beautiful people in yoga classes, sometimes it’s cuddling my dog, sometimes it’s texting a friend or talking to my husband on the phone. 

Do you know how your digital life maybe affecting your real life?  

What do you use your digital life for? 

do you know the science used to get your attention, those little red hearts, those thumbs up? Do you know how it’s aftecting your brain?  

Have you heard about dopamine?  

I’m not fully going into it now, but I’ll share a link to a podcast and you can make your own mind up.  

I hope to connect with you in the real world soon

lots of love from London

Sam AKA EnglishNatureGirl 



Sustainable Consuming Support & Guidance

We live in a society where we are very lucky to be able to make choices and do the things we love. Not everyone on this blue orb is as lucky.

Would you like to help those less lucky with your consumption?

Sustainable development is the organizing principle for meeting human development goals while at the same time sustaining the ability of natural systems to provide the natural resources and ecosystem services upon which the economy and society depend. The desired result is a state of society where living conditions and resource use continue to meet human needs without undermining the integrity and stability of the natural system. Sustainable development can be classified as development that meet the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations.

Everything we consume can potentially have an impact on our wellbeing and the wellbeing of our environment.

What you eat, drink, wear purchase and use on a daily basis has a source and a train of production to you the end user.

Would you like to know where your items come from?

Would you like to help nature and those less fortunate more?

Would you like to shop more consciously?

Would you like to consume more consciously?

Do you organise events for yourself or anyone else, could there be a more sustainable way?

Do you need help with any of the above?

I am happily helpful to support and guide you with any of the above.

Please feel free to get in touch rather my website or email me directly here.

Wishing you and yours sustainable abundance and ease in all you do.

Looking forward to helping you help the planet soon.

Sam x



What do you think its all about?

Have you ever done it? How did it feel? Do you practice regularly? Has it changed your life?

I feel so thankful that I do this daily now, sometimes 2/3/4 times a day, sometimes 5 minutes in the form of mindful breathing and staying present in the space I'm in. Other times are fro 20-40 minutes always first thing in the morning as part of my morning routine and at night before i go to bed. 

It truly has helped me manage my life better. A once in a while practice has now turned into a twice daily 20 minute practice, that has expanded my life into the stratosphere!

I'm calmer and less likely to react with hostility and aggression when i feel challenged.

I'm more creative in so many ways, writing, drawing,acting, advocacy, thinking outside the box to solve issues that arise.

My connection to other humans is kinder, more aware and empathetic to them and there needs.

I have a deep renewed enjoyable spiritual practice, and I don't mean religion, i mean spirit and nature and the universe. I've returned to tarot reading and learning more about the earth and all its inhabitants, plants, minerals and living beings. I feel truly connected pretty much most of the time.

My relationships with people have changed, i'm more patient with people, i care more about people and i praise and encourage people on a whole new holistic level. Its a daily practice and some days it feels the best and other times my mind loops and loops, but i continue without judgement on myself.

I'm building a business on sustainability, 3 years ago i could not even imagine being a girl boss, but now the possibilities seem limitless and endless of what I can achieve and I really believe it stems from the daily meditation practice

I'd love to hear your thoughts on meditation too.

Comment here or message me direct.

Happy high vibes to you all 

Sam x