What do you think its all about?

Have you ever done it? How did it feel? Do you practice regularly? Has it changed your life?

I feel so thankful that I do this daily now, sometimes 2/3/4 times a day, sometimes 5 minutes in the form of mindful breathing and staying present in the space I'm in. Other times are fro 20-40 minutes always first thing in the morning as part of my morning routine and at night before i go to bed. 

It truly has helped me manage my life better. A once in a while practice has now turned into a twice daily 20 minute practice, that has expanded my life into the stratosphere!

I'm calmer and less likely to react with hostility and aggression when i feel challenged.

I'm more creative in so many ways, writing, drawing,acting, advocacy, thinking outside the box to solve issues that arise.

My connection to other humans is kinder, more aware and empathetic to them and there needs.

I have a deep renewed enjoyable spiritual practice, and I don't mean religion, i mean spirit and nature and the universe. I've returned to tarot reading and learning more about the earth and all its inhabitants, plants, minerals and living beings. I feel truly connected pretty much most of the time.

My relationships with people have changed, i'm more patient with people, i care more about people and i praise and encourage people on a whole new holistic level. Its a daily practice and some days it feels the best and other times my mind loops and loops, but i continue without judgement on myself.

I'm building a business on sustainability, 3 years ago i could not even imagine being a girl boss, but now the possibilities seem limitless and endless of what I can achieve and I really believe it stems from the daily meditation practice

I'd love to hear your thoughts on meditation too.

Comment here or message me direct.

Happy high vibes to you all 

Sam x