Doing the digital detox?

My name is Sam and it’s been 11 days since my last post on Instagram! 

the journey is real and intense and I feel the happiest ever... 

sometimes im in the mode of why aren’t my friends checking in with me? And then I realise they’re still plugged I make the effort to connect personally with them...some connect back and we thrive...others don’t and so I say to myself “ok that relationship isn’t real” so I move on and connect with others in the real world.  

sometimes it’s nature on long walks feeding the birds on hamstead Heath, sometimes it’s guiding beautiful people in yoga classes, sometimes it’s cuddling my dog, sometimes it’s texting a friend or talking to my husband on the phone. 

Do you know how your digital life maybe affecting your real life?  

What do you use your digital life for? 

do you know the science used to get your attention, those little red hearts, those thumbs up? Do you know how it’s aftecting your brain?  

Have you heard about dopamine?  

I’m not fully going into it now, but I’ll share a link to a podcast and you can make your own mind up.  

I hope to connect with you in the real world soon

lots of love from London

Sam AKA EnglishNatureGirl