An Ode to Germany ❤️

An Ode to Germany....

What’s so special about Germany?

Why is it that the once most divided country on earth is now the most beautiful peaceful and serene?

Now fully Thriving and accepting all beings. Creative and dynamic. Boundless and accepting. Always welcoming and truly me this is just some of what I’ve seen and encountered while visiting.

Why out of all the countries in the world is there the most concentration of Strala yoga guides and studios ever found?

Why does it feel like home?

And why oh why whenever I fly there I never have ear trouble going to Germany when everywhere else in the world I end up hard of hearing and swallowing for days to pop my ears because it’s so uncomfortable?

We all know the horrific history that started from a minute minority of extreme fascists...

So very far removed and unlike the humans that exist, live and be there today....has their DNA evolved over this last century because of such atrocities?

Germany to me is so green it’s like a velvet emerald carpet and so similar to the Irish landscape. I’m in constant awe of how they look after it, how people have plots and orchards, how it’s kept and shared.

The food is just so comforting...I may have been spoiled by adoptive family and friends by whatever they offer me.

There does seem to be less consumption and plastic...their recycling techniques and drop off points are everywhere. Every home effectively recycles. The government introduced an initiative for all homes to be made solar powered. They are actively saying and doing their bit continuously for themselves and the environment. They have even just produced the first fully functioning zero emissions train running on water as fuel! They really are leading the way...

My carbon footprint I know could do with reigning in a little and it’s a process I’m working on. But by now, you know I do my bit right?

Anyway back to Germany and those beautiful beings there....

I’m blown away by how many Strala Guides and studios there are in one country, actively guiding softness and ease to many other beautiful Germans too! Is it because it’s the center of Europe? Is that gem town Idar-Oberstein doing some high vibrations raising more consciousness than anywhere else?

As yet I’m not fluent and I’m learning the language, but I know the best words...

Liebe - Love

Lecker - Delicious

Dankeschön - Thankyou

Einatmen...Ausatmen...- Breathe in..Breathe out...

I mean what else is there?

The bread is just divine

The fruit and vegetables are fresh and plastic free

The beer is lecker 😜

There’s always room for ice cream and that’s good too!

The people are just so welcoming, kind, loving generous, accepting and really good fun!

I’ve only been to Metzingen so far....excited to see Berlin for sure and then explore....

I feel like it’s now become a second home, if you feel called I can introduce you to some special people who will make you feel loved too...

Every time I leave...I know it’s not’s Caio for now. I’m always super inspired in love returning home. I have more love to feel and give.

To all my loves there. I hope to see and move and eat with you soon. My heart is always with you…


ich liebe dich....