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We all know the power of the moon has on the earth and its oceanic tides, shipping lines were created and are governed by the Luna cycles that create high and low tides.

By living harmoniously with Luna, it’s possible to create wonderful abundant lives simply by tuning more into how you feel with the Luna cycles and all her magical astrological connections.

This is self-care at its most infinite, abundant most #IAM is our way of being, feeling and synching ourselves to feel and be our best selves in an all-round holistic approach to include your physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing.

I have been tuning in and exploring Luna and all her infinite abundant magic my whole life, but I really started to pay more attention to the synchronicities that started to happen in the last 2 years. People all the time would hear me say “well if it’s good enough for the ocean, it’s good enough for me” meaning the Luna cycles.

It’s started as pure astro fun and that was when I was a teenager. I was always casting spells and channelling spirits in a fun and easy going way, I was always woo woo, just ask my school friends, I was reading Tarot cards at 15 with some startling coincidences and synchronicities happening back then too….there’s enough chat on that for a few books but that’ll happen in a while…for now let’s play with the moon!

It was in April 2016 after a trip to NYC and a wonderful natural movement and meditation day at Strala Yoga that I realised meditation was one of the best tools in the kit, if not the best way to make magic really happen. I found myself meditating daily and noticing more and more in flow magic happening. I was moving well, I was living healthier and I began to really slow down to notice the magic was there every day for everyone if they took the time to tune into it fully.

3 years later and here we are today, and it’s everywhere, people talk about magic and manifestation daily, everyone is building their growth mind-set, but it seems as if it’s all done online at 100 miles an hour. This got me thinking, this is great, but people are still stressed and so maybe they are not making as much magic as they could if they tuned in more to them and took the time to slow down to see...

Sooooo Infinite Abundance Moon was born and birthed and here to help you embody yourself fully, it’s for all genders and you can use what feels good and drop anything that doesn’t align with how you feel.

It’s a daily practice that encourages you to tune into you fully and be present to then create the life that you want for you and yours. You can spend as little as 5 minutes or as long as you like, but it’s a daily practice that just gets better every day.

Let me know how it goes for you.